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WebDropDown & WebDatePicker AJAX controls not persisting values or firing events

      I recently wrote an enhancement to an that included creating a new user control.  I initially added all of the new features in a new web application, before integrating it into the existing application.  The new user control within this new application worked great and had a couple of WebDropDowns and WebDatePickers.

      As soon as I moved the new code from the project into my existing application, however, it stopped working.  Everything worked as expected except for the infragistics controls.  They (the WebDropDown & WebDatePicker) would not persist their values, nor would they fire any (server-side) events.  I eventually resorted to using the non-Ajax version of the controls (the WebCombo & WebDateChooser).  The non-ajax controls worked great....they persisted their values and event-firing worked just as expected.

      My resolution was to use the non-Ajax controls, however, I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem or knows how to resolve it.  The code was exactly the same in both projects and the only difference was that the existing application was a website while the project one was a web application.  I was using version 9.2.20092.2025 and had the same problem with .2183.

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