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Cannot select date - IE11 with Infragistics 11.1.20111.2238

Hello gentleman. I wonder if I can have your help regarding an issue with the WebMonthCalendar, using IE 11 and Infragistics 11.1.20111.2238. I have some of these componentes on a page, and when I click on one of them, I can see the calendar and pick a date, but once I do this, the fields stays like I haven't selected anything, I mean, I cannot see the selected date. It's possible to know the selected date only when I pass the mouse over the field, as you can see on attachment1 ("14/05/2015").

Could this be an incompatibility related issue?

Thank you very much.

Murilo Marchiori



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    Hello Murilo,

    Thank you for using our forum.

    I would like to let you know that it seems you are using a version of the controls considered deprecated and not supported in modern browsers. This is because v11.1 was created and maintained in a period of time when these browsers were not existing and the functionality and design were implemented to best fit the existing browsers environment. This has not changed. We are always ensuring and maintaining the latest volume releases to “fit in” with the latest technologies/environments. You can find more details at:

    I suggest you to upgrade your project to one of these versions if possible.
    More information may be found on our product lifecycle page at: