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DrawFilter, Swapping Text

I need a working example for swapping text after a selection has been made from a combobox in the ultragrid. I tried using a creation filter following: but we have 1 in place for column merging already (
So this leaves me still trying to figure out why on earth the Cell.Text is readonly.

I tried to look at this:

but I have no idea how to navigate through the UI Elements to find out which one my Row/Cell is so I can paint the value.

Enclosed is a code sample that I would like you to complete so I can try to implement this behavior in our product.

Also, how would I use a DrawFilter in a class that would use Cell Value to grab the text to paint? This might be self explanatory after seeing what you guys do.

Also, side question: Why on earth does the DrawFilter and CreationFilter fire on mouse move in the grid?