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UltraToolTip flashing on Win 10 works OK on Win 7

I have an old application using WinForms 15.2 now upgraded to 17.2 (latest) which  has been running OK on a number of Win 7 systems. When testing on Win 10, UltraToolTips seems not to be working or working badly.

Tooltips are used on a number of different controls. For example attached to an UltraTree. General behavior is that either the tooltip does not come up at all or it is visible for a very short time period, just enough to see the hint of an outline and then is removed. This behavior cycles rapidly creating an irritating effect.

With the example of the the UltraTree the tooltip manager is attached during design time to the tree and properties are almost default, apart from the tooltip text. InitialDelay is 500 and AutoPopDelay is 5000. There is no explicit manipulation of the tooltip through event handlers in this case it is supposed to pop up with the mouse over the tree, which works OK on Win 7 but not on WIn 10.

Any known issue, any work around or ideas on how to debug further?

Many thanks in advance for your help.  /Mats

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