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Can't access the 'IsValid' property when not in edit mode

Hey everyone-

So in the last few weeks I made a branch of my winform project in Visual Studio.  Everything seems to be working fine with it, however on one particular form, I have a grid that uses DateTime pickers so the user can choose dates to save, and if I click the dropdown and click on Today at the bottom of the Calendar, I get the following error - "Can't access the 'IsValid' property when not in edit mode'.  This happens right after my grid_CellChange event.  I do have a line of code in there that I saw on another forum post as potentially being an issue....but this doesn't happen in the trunk version and this code has been in production for several years.  The line of code is


I can't remember if I messed around with references or anything when I branched the project originally, but I'm thinking maybe I did.  Why else would I receive this error in the branch, but not the trunk project.

Is anyone able to assist me with this issue?  I am using Infragistics2.Win.v10.3.  The runtime version is v2.0.50727.  The version is 10.3.20103.1000.

Thanks in advance!