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Store Appointment in the database in plain text format. or retrieve dates, location etc from binary field to run the query.


I want to run the query on my appointment table that has recurrence member and all properties stored in binary format. 

How can I store the data so it can be used to filter the results? This needs to be done in the database so can not use Infragistics Control's methods there. 

I need all the fields such that I can use to filter the query.

I also think that if I can have a function that will use plaintext fields and can create the objects for recurrence and all properties.

If the fields are stored in plain text format in the SQL database, so the data is loaded in the data table is also having location, recurrence start date, pattern, all the possible properties in plain text.

Before populating the CalendarInfo, if I can add the recurrencemember and allproperties member columns using code, I can still use the CalendarInfo for handling the appointments normally.

When storing it back to the database, I can store plain text fields. 

Let me know if this approach would be right. Especially if it is going to work for recurrence variances. 

Can we have something like

UltraCalendarInfo1.DataBindingsForAppointments.LocationMemeber = "LOCATION"
UltraCalendarInfo1.DataBindingsForAppointments.RecurrencePatternMemeber = "RECURRENCE_PATTERN"

Any help is much appreciated.