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Windows Forms Toolbox Missing in Visual Studio


I recently purchased Infragistics Ultimate 2019.1 and have an issue where the toolbox is not showing for windows forms.

The create tab utility is also missing even though I installed the entire suite and can't see it as a separate install in the installer options.

I did manually add the tools to the toolbox but they disappeared again the next time I loaded visual studio.

I'm using VS 2015 in windows 10. 



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    Offline posted

    Hello David ,

    Thank you for posting. In order to understand the issue I have some follow up question:

    1) Did you open your old project and then toolbox is missing? if yes then check in the project which CLR version you are referring?Change it to 4.5 or higher since you are using VS2015 , this should make toolbox appear as expected.

    2) If you are creating a new project then make use you use Win-Form template not WPF .

    3) Try may be “Reset Toolbox” option , right-click on the toolbox-> Reset Toolbox

    Hope this will help, if not then try adding controls manually again using this article in our Knowledge Base and check if you dint miss any step earlier.

    Let me know if you have any question.

    -Divya Jain