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UltraDockManager Pin/Unpin and close button in the tabs


I've tried to search a forum, but couldn't find any quick and easy solution/answerr:

the case is that in our app one type of panes (1) cannot be closed - should always be opened, so user can only pin/unpin it (i.e navigation pane, or some 'control' pane for specific tasks), the second panes type (2) are opened when user i.e double click an object to see some details - and those panes can be closed

for (1) when user undock it as floating window, it should only be possible to dock it back to the main dock area, not close

for (2) it should be possible to close it and pint it back.

also what is the proper way to close the pane - I mean dispose it and control inside also, not hide ?

We also do not want to show captions, so the question is how to show the pin/unpin button in the tab and in floating window - or how to handle close button so (1) type will be docked back and (2) will be closed ?

the only thing I have found is really old solution to create custom button in IUIElementCreationFilter