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Make Grid with define field

Hello all.... 

I Have table like this ... 

Kode, Ket, Date, P01,B01, P02, B02 .... P20,B20.... 

I need to display to 3 grid ... 

1st grid contain : Kode, Ket, Date 

2nd grid contain : P01, B01, .... P10, B10

3rd grid contain : P11, B11, ... P20, B20

Can it make happen with ultra grid ... with single dataset. 

TQ before (Hope all of You understand what i mean)

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    It seems that this thread is duplicate to this one.
    I will provide you with support through the other thread.
    Thank you for using Infragistics Components.
    Tihomir Tonev
    Associate Software Developer
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    this is a topic I'm not familiar with, I'll try to find more about it at wordle 2