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Store additional metadata in DisplayLayout

(version 19.1.20191.82)

A colleague wrote a custom `FilterCondition` a while ago, and when applied to a column, it automatically gets stored as part of the DisplayLayout. That is, if I later on call `grid.DisplayLayout.LoadFromXml()`, I get the same filter settings back. It appears they accomplished this by implementing `ISerializable` as well as having a constructor with `SerializationInfo` and `StreamingContext`.

I now wanted to do the same for a custom `GroupByComparer` and `GroupByEvaluator`. However, the same approach doesn't appear to work — when saving the layout, `ISerializable.GetObjectData` is never called.

Is there a way to store the GroupByComparer and/or GroupByEvaluator in the layout? Failing that, is there a more generalized way to add additional information to the layout (ideally, associated with the respective column)?

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