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Cursor position of an editable cell on single click
Hi I am working on Ultrawingrid. I want to select the whole text in a cell after going to edit mode only when i set blnselectAll to True. If blnselectAll is set to false the cursor should go to where i clicked. If i single click on 3rd character the cursor should go next to the third character. But it is going to first character. When i click for the second time it is going to the character where i click. I want this behaviour in the first click itself. I have written the following code in AfterenterEditmode With ActiveCell If blnSelectAll then If .EditorResolved.SupportsSelectableText AndAlso .Text.Length > 0 AndAlso .IsInEditMode Then .SelStart = 0 .SelLength = .Text.Length End If else .SelLength = 0 End if End With How to change the cursor position of a cell in edit mode on single click? Thanks Ashok