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Ultragrid Tree view - Child rows


   I am working on a .NET 2.0 application using Ultrawingrid. I am binding a dataset to my UltrawinGrid.

The dataset has a parent-child relation. When i bind the dataset data appears like a tree view in the grid.

  'setting relation
oDS.Tables(0).ChildRelations.Add("", oDS.Tables(0).Columns.Item("Status"), oDS.Tables(1).Columns.Item("Status"))   

A Plus symbol appears to the left of every row even if there is no child row.

I want to display the plus symbol only if there are child rows for that parent row.

Please note that  the plus symbol disappears when i click on it if there is no child row.

How to Hide the Plus symbol if there is no child row?




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     Hi Ashok,

    You can set the ExpansionIndicator property to CheckOnDisplay. The default is to check on expand. 

    Note that the reason for this is that getting child rows can be an expensive operation, depending on the data source and the number of rows. So using CheckOnDisplay can cause a performance issue. 

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