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Saving and Loading Displaylayout


    Is there any property to find whether the user has modified any of these properties like  Column width, size, Position, Filter and Sorting?

I want to save and retain these properties in the grid when i open it again.

I want to save these properties in different scenarios.

I have a grid but 2 or more datasets . I will bind Dataset1 or Dataset2 based on the scenario to the same grid.

I want to retain the Layout properties in both the scenarios and reload them when i open the form again?

I am using Displaylayout Save and Load methods.

But i dont know in which events layout should be saved and when it should be binded to the grid?






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    Changing a column's width (which is the same as its size) or its visible position will raise the BeforeColPosChanged and AfterColPosChanged events.

    Changing filtering on a column will raise the BeforeRowFilterChanged and AfterRowFilterChanged events.

    Changing the sort on a column (including grouping or ungrouping by a column) will raise the BeforeSortChange and AfterSortChange events.

    In all three circumstances, I suggest using the "After" events instead of the "Before" events, since the changes will have taken effect by the time you hit the "After" events.