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Problem with short child node text


I have a display/positioning bug with the UltraTree v10.3.

When I call node.BringIntoView() on a child node when initializing a dialog, where the node's text length is less than the root node's text length, the positioning of the displayed nodes is not correct. When you hover over the tree, it repaints, repositioning correctly.

I've attached an example solution. To reproduce, hit the 'Show Dialog' button, select the "Short" node and hit 'OK' to close. Hit the 'Show Dialog' button again, and the problem is apparent. If you select any other of the child nodes (which have text lengths greater than the root node), the tree displays correctly.


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    Verified Answer

    Hello David,
    I`d like to inform you that your issue is solved in our latest service release. I already test your sample with version 10.3.20103.2083 to be sure that evrything works properly.
    If you still didn`t instal the  latest SR, you could download from our web site:  ->MyIG -> My Keys and Downloads.

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