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Add New Button on UltraTabbedMdiManager using creation Filters



   I'm trying to add a picture to my UltraTabbedMdiManager which has to work as "add new" form, and the fact is I'm new to creation filters, it worked find with regular UltraTabControl but cant get to it with MDITabs, so help with a small sample will be appreciated



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    OK the first problem is solved

    I added a button to an UltraTabbedMdiManager using creation filter and it is working fine now, but the idea is to make it move next to the last tab every time a new tab is added, so I figured out that this can be done using draw filters

    I added a draw filter to change the location of the button (Image in fact) but the problem now is to make the old image of the button disappear from the control.

    attached a demo .
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