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How to display and edit cell value, which has custom object(user defined datatype) for every cell as a data


Consider i have a student class like following

class Student{

public string Name {get; set;}

public int StudentID {get; set;}

public bool IsActive {get; set;}


Now i will be creating a datatable where some of the columns are of Student datatype. When i bind this to grid, i provide user with option to select what value out of these three properties he would like to see in grid, which will be editable too.

I am not able to find a way where i show a single property out of this custom object in a cell, and to update back it in case of modification.

I tried using FormatProvider for cell and able to show property selected by user, but not able to update the property back when edited. Rather i am getting exception related to datatype.

Please guide me to implement this functionality in the grid

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