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PDF Viewer Control

I don't know if this is the right forum to place my request but if not maybe some administrator may move this posting?

We are currently developing an back-office application to handle our customer Orders and part of that handling is to create Invoices for our customers. We are using the Infragistics Documents libraries for creating the PDF-documents which works fine but we also have the need to view those documents by clicking onto a hyperlink in the application. Until now we have been using the Acrobat Reader ActiveX control which has the major disadvantage that it is available just as a 32bit version so our entire application had to be compiled as a 32bit application! I've created now a separate VS project with just a Windows Form that wraps the Acrobar Reader ActiveX. This 32bit application can be started with file name an Windows Caption from our main application which also works fine but the disadvantage with that is that the PDF-viewer may not be embedded into the main application as a part of another Form/User Control.

My question to you Infragistics guys is if there is any control I've not detected so far which is capable of viewing PDF-files and if not if there are any plans to implement such a control or add it to an existing one. As I looked through the net I've found of other developers searching for that so I guess it would be widely used. Maybe I can deposit this as a kind of wish as a feature request for upcoming christmas? ;-)

Thanks, Wolfgang

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    Hi Wolfgang,

    You haven't missed anything. There is no PDF viewer component for DotNet as far as I am aware.

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