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Adding Custom Font in Infragistics controls

How can we add custom font in infragistics controls (Win forms). Also can we add font names in dynamic styling sample?

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    Hi Bharat,

    The list of fonts in that drop down will populate from the system font folder.  If you installed your custom font there (and have it set to show in later Windows Operating Systems) it should be showing up in that drop down.  There is no other way I know of we can get the custom font into that drop down and embedded into an application from within AppStylist.

    That is fine for the machine running the AppStylist program to see the font being used but anyone else's machine that does not have the font installed will end up having the font substituted.  In that case each machine running the application should also install the font or you can embed the font in the application itself.  There are a few articles that go through embedding a True Type font into your application and I like to refer to Bob Powell myself (, but feel free to use your own source to embed the font in the application.