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How to activate the ribbon of a MDI child form when becomes active?


I'm developing a MDI application using a UltraTabbedMdi and UltraToolbars, allowing parent form to merge ribbons.

Everytime I show a new form I call this function to show the child form ribbon:

private void ActivatesRibbonTab(string tabName)

    UltraToolbarsManager activeChildManager = this.toolsManager.ActiveMdiChildManager;
    if (activeChildManager != null)
        if (activeChildManager.Ribbon.Tabs.Contains(tabName))
            toolsManager.Ribbon.SelectedTab = activeChildManager.Ribbon.Tabs[tabName].AttachedParentTab;

Ok, this works fine, but, I'd like to select it everytime the child form becomes active. I've tried to activate it in the Enter & Activate child events and in the TabSelected event of UltraTabbedMdi control. But I can't get it, due sometimes the ribbon has not been active yet.

Whic event should I use to get the ribbon selected everytime the user select one mdi tab?