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Drag and drop datagrid row cells

I have a datagrid with 6 columns.

Say I want to select the first 3 column cells in row1 to 3rd, 4th, 5th column cells in row3. Is it possible with xamDatagrid?

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    Hello Ramesh,

    It sounds like the clipboard operations available in the XamDataGrid may provide the functionality you need. If you enable clipboard operations on the XamDataGrid this will allow you to select cells and then you can copy / paste values to / from the selected cells using the copy, paste, and cut commands Ctrl-C, Ctrl  V, and Ctrl X. To learn more about using clipboard operations in the XamDataGrid please see

    There is also a sample demonstrating the use of this feature in our samples browser under XamDataGrid – Editing & Selection - Clipboard

    If this does not meet your needs please provide me with more information on what you are trying to accomplish so that I may be of further assistance.



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