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Grid Cell on retaining XamcomboEdior Selection


I need to dynamically update values in cell drop down, which can be different for two cells of same column. E.g. In first row inside Workbook column drop down I need to show four workbook names(A,B,C,D) and in second row inside workbook column drop down I need to show three workbooks(X,Y,Z). So, I have added xamcomboeditor in "WorkBook" column of xamDataGrid programatically.

Whenever i select item from a drop down in workbook cell, the selection is lost after focused is  removed from that cell. Also, the data source attached to grid is not updated with selected value. I have attached a project sample and attached two images of the issue in same project. Please let me know how I can retain the selection of xamcomboeditor in this case and update it in data source of grid.