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xamlBusyIndicator animation region size

Is there a way to specify/adjust the size of the animation region of the xamlBusyIndicator? The 'SpinnerBar' looks too big, I would like to reduce it by say 40%. Thank you.

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    Hello Raymond,

    In order to set the size of the XamBusyIndicator's animation, you can create a Style for the respective animation element and set its Width and Height properties. In addition, this can be done in code-behind as well by accessing the AnimationPresenter property of the XamBusyIndicator.




    busyInd.AnimationPresenter.Height = 20;
    busyInd.AnimationPresenter.Height = 20;

    If you would like to increase/decrease the size based on percentages, you can use the ActualHeight and ActualWidth properties of the AnimationPresenter to make the necessary calculations.

    I have attached a sample application that demonstrates the approach from above.
    For more detailed information on configuring the layout of the XamBusyIndicator, you can take a look at the "xamBusyIndicator > Display > Busy Indicator Configuration" sample from our WPF Samples Browser. It will allow you to instantly generate a customly configured style.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.