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Moving series data point with mouse

Hi All,

Hope someone can help me. I've got a XamDataChart with multiple scatter line series lines. I want to select a certain datapoint on a series and move that point to the users selected position on the chart with my mouse. Is this possible?

Ive got this code so far to give me my mouse position when the user clicks(Mouse down event):

var x = Chart.Axes.OfType<NumericXAxis>().First();
var y = Chart.Axes.OfType<NumericYAxis>().First();
var viewport = new Rect(0, 0, x.ActualWidth, y.ActualHeight);
var window = gearShiftProfileChart.WindowRect;

var position = e.GetPosition(Chart);

var unscaledX = x.GetUnscaledValue(position.X, window, viewport);
var unscaledY = y.GetUnscaledValue(position.Y, window, viewport);

System.Windows.MessageBox.Show("x: " + unscaledX + ", y:" + unscaledY);

Friendly regards