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SplineSeries -> Markers missing


When I change my series from LineSeries (or any other type) to SplineSeries or SplineAreaSeries, some of the markers are missing.





This is the part of my code where I create the SplineSeries / change to SplineSeries:

public HorizontalAnchoredCategorySeries ActualSeries { get; set; }

public void Actualize(SeriesType seriesType)
TrendItemXAxis trendXAxis = this.ParentTrendItem.XAxis;
TrendItemYAxis trendYAxis = this.ParentTrendItem.YAxis;

//If series type has changed, make new series
if (seriesType != this._seriesType)
switch (seriesType)
case SeriesType.Line:
this.ActualSeries = new LineSeries();
case SeriesType.Bargraph:
this.ActualSeries = new ColumnSeries();
case SeriesType.Area1:
this.ActualSeries = new AreaSeries();
case SeriesType.Points:
this.ActualSeries = new PointSeries();
case SeriesType.Spline:
this.ActualSeries = new SplineSeries();
case SeriesType.Splinearea:
this.ActualSeries = new SplineAreaSeries();
case SeriesType.RectangularLine:
this.ActualSeries = new StepLineSeries();
case SeriesType.RectangularArea:
this.ActualSeries = new StepAreaSeries();

this.ActualSeries.Title = this.Title;
this.ActualSeries.XAxis = trendXAxis.Axis;
this.ActualSeries.XAxis.BorderBrush = this.Brush;
this.ActualSeries.XAxis.ItemsSource = this.DataCollectionManager.DataPointsCollection;

this.ActualSeries.YAxis = trendYAxis.Axis;
this.ActualSeries.Brush = this.Brush;
this.ActualSeries.MarkerBrush = this.Brush;
this.ActualSeries.MarkerType = this.MarkerType;
this.ActualSeries.Visibility = this.Visibility;
this.ActualSeries.ToolTip = this.ToolTip;
this.ActualSeries.Resolution = this.Resolution;
this.ActualSeries.ValueMemberPath = this.ValueMemberPath;

this.ActualSeries.ItemsSource = this.DataCollectionManager.DataPointsCollection;

this.ActualSeries.Thickness = 2.0;
this.SeriesType = seriesType;

So all I'm doing is creating a new series and setting the marker type and the other properties. If I change my series to "ColumnSeries" or "AreaSeries" everything works fine.

I am using Infragistics v17.1. I had the same issue with v16.1. 

Is there a way to solve this problem? For me, the code looks just fine. Do I overlook something?

Please let me know if you need more information.


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    Hi Nicolas,

    I think I reproduced this.  If you disable the OverviewPlusDetailPane the markers will render on the series again which is weird because you can see the markers rendering inside the pane just fine.  Actually, it seems like you must have a SplineSeries, OverviewPlusDetailPane and CategoryDateTimeXAxis in order to reproduce this.  If you switch to a CategoryXAxis then the markers render correctly so that combination seems required.

    I logged a development issue for this so our dev team can investigate. The dev issue ID is 243639.  In the mean time, I created a private support case and linked the dev issue to it so you can track the progress.  The case number is CAS-187762-J4Z3L7 and you can view it here:

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