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XamSurfaceChart3D Sample not compiling


I am attempting to evaluate XamSurfaceChart3D.   I am unable to compile any of the sample code on your webpage.

I get a few errors such as

1. "The name 'SampleContainer' does not exist in the namespace "">"

2. The property 'DesignHeight' does not exist in the namespace ""

3. The name 'KeyFeatureViewModel' does not exist in the namespace "clr-namespace:IGSurfaceChart.Samples.ViewModels"


Any thoughts how to clear these errors?

Do you have any compilable sample that I can use to do quick evaluation?

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    Offline posted

    Hi Jason,

    The sample code on our website is taken directly from our WPF Samples Browser application so there are some dependencies that the code relies on that only exist in the app and not the website.  The website version of the code is essentially a snippet of the full thing.

    I recommend downloading and installing the Trial version of the product.  When you download the trial it's going to give you our platform installer.  With this installer you can select and install WPF and the WPF Samples.  This will install all the source code for the WPF Samples Browser which will include the XamSurfaceChart3D samples.