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connect to a table in db oracle xmladatasource

hi how can i get the data of a table in a db oracle ? i tried with the xmladatasource but it doesn't work.

this is the code :

 XmlaDataSource DataSource = new XmlaDataSource();
            DataSource.ServerUri = new Uri("ip of the db");
            XmlaOracleConnectionSettings OSettings = new XmlaOracleConnectionSettings();
            OSettings.ServerUri = new Uri("ip of the db:port");
            OSettings.Credentials = new XmlaNetworkCredential("username", "password");
            XmlaConnection OConnection = new XmlaConnection(OSettings);
            XmlaDataProvider ODataProvider = new XmlaDataProvider(OConnection);
            DataSource = new XmlaDataSource(ODataProvider);

            XamPivotGrid PivotGrid = new XamPivotGrid();
            PivotGrid.DataSource = DataSource;

if possible i would like to obtain all the data of a single table in the db. thanks !!!