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XamDataGrid right click DataRecordPresenter in inherited control

I have inherited a xamDataGrid control and cannot get the events from the DataRecordPresenter working. I have attached an example, is it possible to know why the events are not firing?

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    Offline posted

    Hello Timothy,

    I have been investigating this issue and I have reproduced the behavior you are seeing. At the moment, I am rather unsure why the MouseEnter and MouseRightButtonDown events are not firing for the DataRecordPresenter wrapped in your external class, but it is firing for the one in your MainWindow.xaml. The code appears to be the same though, and so I am unsure why this is. I also looked at a WPF Spy tool named Snoop, and it does not appear that the event is being marked handled anywhere – it is just not raised for some reason.

    This is unexpected behavior, and as such, I have asked our engineering staff to examine it further. To ensure that it will receive attention, I have logged this behavior in our internal tracking system with a Development ID of 260115. The next step will be for a developer to review my investigation and confirm my findings or to offer a fix, or other resolution.

    I see that you have created a private case that is essentially a duplicate to this one, with an ID of CAS-199642-P7F1C1. As such, I will be linking this development issue to that case so that you can be notified when a fix becomes available. You can view this development issue by viewing that support case on the Infragistics website.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.