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Resizing DockPane intermittently cancelled

I use XamDockManager and have some DockPanels (left, right, and bottom of the content)..

The problem is when I try to resize panel (by using mouse drag on DockedPaneSplitter), it intermittently cancelled (do nothing).
When it occurs and I check DockedPaneSplitter_DragCompleted event, the e.Canceled is true.

From the test, this problem only occurs when all these conditions are true:
1. Monitor DPI is different between primary and second monitor (I change  [Display > Scale and Layout] to 175% to reproduce this)
2. Application is not on primary monitor (put application on second monitor)
3. HwndHost is set as content in our DockManagerPanel

Additional info: I am using dual monitors and run the application on my second monitor in Windows 10.

Please let me know what can caused resizing panel to be canceled, and how can I prevent this to happen.