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How do I disable this behaviour of the pivot grid where totals get multiplied?

Apologies for the vague title but I don't know what this behaviour is called.

This is another issue we've found converting our Silverlight App to WPF. The Silverlight doesn't exhibit this behaviour and the person who implemented this code has since left the company so I can't ask them any questions.

I have a pivot grid with different types of tenders for different stores. It shows the amount of each tender and the totals for each tender, each location and the grand total:

initial grid

However when I select on the totals:

select total

and then deselect the total this happens:

deselect total

It multiplies the tender by the number of tenders and copies it into each tender. Each time I click it does the same again.

It's worse if I select the the grand total as it multiplies twice.

What do I need to turn off or override in the pivot grid to stop this happening?