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XamDataGrid - Nested hierarchy

Hello Community!

Attached please find the sample "XamDataGrid_hierLayout.rar". I took the example from this thread Flat Datasource, but nested ... and tried some possible solutions for my problem.

I have a list of <product> Items bound to the XamDatagrid. Inside the class <product> is the property NestedProperty of type  <NestedData>. <NestedData> contains the observable collection "WatchList". I want to display the WatchListData Elements of my NestedProperty in the DataGrid. 

In the output I see no binding errors nor do i get any exceptions. The bound WatchList is shown as "(collection)" only in the grid.

Have I missed something in my xaml?


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    Hello Alexander,

    Thank you for posting on our forums.

    In order to do hierarchy with alternate binding, you need to specify the dataType of the collection - IEnumerable.

    I have modified the sample you attached, please have a look.


    Tihomir Tonev
    Software Developer

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