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Memory Leak on XamRibbon Tooltip

We have an issue in our product with ViewModels hanging around, and using dotMemory I continually see that it appears that tool tips in the ribbon are holding onto things. 

I have a sample project where I've managed to repeat the issue. The project has a simple ribbon with a few buttons. The RunRiskAnalysis button is a mock up of one of the buttons in our actual projects ribbon (with bindings and resources taken out).

Steps I take to repeat;

  1. Open the sample program, take snapshot
  2. Hover over the tooltip, take snapshot
  3. Hit the "Change DataContext" button numerous times, take snapshot

It doesn't happen 100% of the time but happens very frequently..

What I see is that when I hover over the RunRiskAnalysis button for the first time I see a jump in unmanaged memory, but I don't think this is related. After I hit the Change DataContext button a few times I see the managed memory go up and not come back down.

Comparing the first and last snapshot I can see there are two instances of my VIewModel when there should only be one.

When I investigate the surviving object I can see that it is being retained by the tool tip. Here are a couple retention paths from a couple different times repeating the issue.

Our product is using 13.1 but I've repeated in our product and in the sample using the latest (23.1)

I tried attaching the sample project but it was too big to attach. Let me know where I can send it.