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XamCheckEditor in XamDataGrid, would like UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged

Hi! We have a use-case in which the user selects rows from a grid via a column of checkboxes, clicks on a ribbon button, and executes an operation on checked rows.


Now the default behaviour of the XamCheckEditor (in conjunction with XamDataGrid) is to bind after focus-lost\exit-edit-mode which is not sufficient, as often the user has not left focus or edit-mode when they initiate these operations. We also have commands that are enabled and disabled with the underlying data model, which gives us odd visual behaviour when the user checks one row, and the command is not enabled because the model has not been updated.


Ideally, we would like these particular checkboxes to emulate the typical Binding.UpdateSourceTrigger value of PropertyChanged (ie write back to datasource immediately on Editor value change).


I have poked around the API, hooked into various events (eg RecordInitialize, EditModeStarted) and cannot see an easy means of accomplishing this. I even had a look at


DataPresenter.UpdateMode = UpdateMode.OnUpdate

(and various values) to no effect. Input would be very much appreciated.