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Cell not displaying its DataItem’s data if template changes based on a trigger.
I have a grid with numerous fields.  Some fields always display data per a given property, other fields display data differently, depending on a Trigger, which sets the cell’s Template based on the type of record. 
The grid below contains “Airtime” which is a bound to a property, “Event” whose template differs depending the record type, “Status” whose template differs depending on the record type, and “LogEventId”, which is bound to a property. 
On occasion, when records of the collection which are bound to the grid are re-ordered, the cells of fields that are tied to a trigger don’t change to reflect the new record for that row.  However, the cells of fields that are not tied to a trigger update properly.
The following screen shot shows an example of this: 
When compared to the 1st screen shot, the record in row 14 has shifted to row 6.  And the record in row 9 has shifted to row 14.  Only some of the fields on row 14 reflect the proper information.  These fields are those fields that are not affected by a trigger.  Any field that is affected by a trigger, still reflects the original data. I’ve verified that all cells.Record.DataItem refer to the new values.
This does not always happen, and it cannot be predicted when it will.  Is there something causing this?  What can I do to make sure it does not happen?
I just noticed something else.  When I scroll the record in question out of, then back into view, it corrects itself.
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    Without a sample its hard to say what is happening. If you can provide a sample that demonstrates the issue I can try to see what's going on. That being said the records will be recycled by default so you could change the DataPresenter's RecordContainerGenerationMode from Recycle to one of the other options - e.g. Virtualize.

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