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Removing (renew) fields

On a XamDataGrid I want to use unbound fields which are added/removed based on a filtering (triggered by another control). It seems I have to remove the fields from each fieldlayout and add the new fields... but this is very inconvenient, since it causes issues after doing this four times (it becomes terribly slow!).

What are alternatives?!?!? Is there a way to clear (remove) all columns (/fields)?!?!???

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    I have seen performance issues regarding adding/removing fields, because their DataType has not been set and therefore virtualization for them is not possible. Please make sure that you have set the DataType for each field so that they can be virtualized.

    If that is not working as expected in your scenario, you can set the Visibility property of the fields to Collapsed/Visible depending on the filtering.

    The third option (least recommended) is to set their width to 0.

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