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PerformAutoSize on a Field that has value produced by converter

Good day


I was able to perform auto sizing on fields that has a combo box editor inside, but it does not work for the following field:

 <igDP:Field Name="Duration" Label="Duration" Converter="{StaticResource DurationConv}">


               <igDP:FieldSettings AutoSizeScope="ViewableRecords" CellWidth="65" LabelWidth="65"

                                                                      AllowEdit="False" EditAsType="{x:Type sys:String}" />




Al that the converter does is change a int value (denotes total minutes) to a string field that can be something like:


11 Days 5 hours 5 minutes

The prob is that the auto size sizes to 1700 which is the int's size. 


Is this a grid problem?

Is there a workaround?