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Hi. Any news on the status on xamSchedule currently in CTP? I'm very curios to see the "Schedule View" in its final form:

Schedule View – Lays out appointments horizontally for one or more resources’ calendars, allowing your users to scroll horizontally through their schedules.

This sounds exactly like the control I need for my next project. Several questions pop to mind, though:

- Can I create a custom time scale, e.g. display 30-min intervals?

- Can I display schedules for multiple users/resources in the same view?

- Can the user interact with appointments - drag the end to extend an appt. etc.

- Will there be a "zooming" feature so the user can easily zoom out (seamless time scale, more or less...)

Any extra info on this will be greatly appreciated!

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    It is essentially analogous to the Schedule View in Outlook 2010. So it displays timeslots for 1 or more days. Like the Day View the timeslot interval is customizable. Like the other schedule controls, it supports displaying multiple calendars (from the same resource or different resources) within the control, activity manipulation such as resizing, dragging, etc.

    With regards to zooming there isn't anything like that per se but you can submit a feature request that fully describes the behavior and it will be considered in a future release.

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