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How do I force the client to download the Infra assemblies for an XBAP?

I have a small xbap project which uses some of the Infra WPF controls - the chart and grid. My client, of course, doesn't have these assemblies registered in their GAC. Is there a way to trigger the client to pull these assemblies from my web server and register them?

 I read the help file which indicated for an xbap, the signed assembly zip file is needed.


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    Hi Christopher,

    XBAP is just like ClickOnce so there is a manifest file that includes which assemblies need to be sent down to the client.  Usually, a person has to go in and tell it to deploy the file (because the developer usually adds the reference from the GAC so it assumes the customer has it in the GAC too.)  They can do this easily using the Application Files dialog in the Publish tab of the Project Properties in Visual Studio.  You basically change it from “Prerequisite (Auto)” to “Include.” The Infragistics DLLs are placed as Auto by default.

     Let me know if you need more assistance.