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How to create sparse date time line series

I have a CategoryXAxis with many Dates on it (hundreds of thousands of seconds).

I have many series on this timeline, some of which have only a few elements, and some many, but in any case some series do not have values to cover all the dates in CategoryXAxis.

I want to show all of the series on the same chart using the same timeline (same Axis) - do I need to create hundreds of thousands of blank values in each series, to cover all the values in the X Axis?

I was thinking about using for the sparse series a ScatterSeries, but that seems to only support NumericXAxis, and I want dates.

I'm only evaluating so there might be an obvious answer that I'm missing.




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    There are several options. You could use a scatter series, and convert the date time values to numeric values, and then convert them back to dates in the axis labels. This can be accomplished by using a DataTemplate for the xAxis labels and using a value converter to convert the numeric value of the label back to a date value.

    Another option is that you could use the CategoryDateTimeXAxis for each series which will align the values on the date values rather than making all the data points equidistant. If the amount of data in each series is different you will need to create an axis for each series, and set their minimum and maximum values to be equal, to ensure alignment.

    Another option is to insert blank values as you described.

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