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*Setting* the active record through binding

Hi there

I know I can easily bind *to* a grid's active item by setting a binding using the ActiveRecord.DataItem property. However, how can I do it the other way round? I don't see a converter as a solution: The converter does not have a context (the grid), and this context cannot be assigned through a binding property because that would lead to a circular reference (if I declare it first, the binding fails, if I declare it later, the grid does not see the converter):

  <!-- this binding does not work - the grid has not been created yet -->
  <conv:ActiveGridRowConverter x:Key="rowConverter"
                               Grid="{Binding ElementName=contactGrid, Mode=OneTime}" />

<igDP:XamDataGrid x:Name="contactGrid"
                  DataSource="{Binding Path=ContactStore.Contacts}"
                  ActiveRecord="{Binding Path=ActiveContact.Contact, Converter={StaticResource rowConverter}}"


I'm not sure whether I'm just overlooking the obvious - what's the recommended solution here?