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CategoryDateTimeXAxis: ItemsSource Property


I am using the XamDataChart from the new release of WPF DV (v11.1).

I am having a hard time finding out how to set the property ItemsSource on CategoryDateTimeXAxis in the following case:

On a single chart (with CategoryDateTimeXAxis as X-Axis) I'd like to display two series whose sources are different. I am using the new properties MinimumValue and MaximumValue to specify the X-Axis range I want to display. Apparently, I also need to set the ItemsSource to something if I want to see series on the chart, but I have two questions regarding this:

First, what is the purpose of ItemsSource, how is it used?

Second, what should I set ItemsSource to in order to see my two series correctly drawn? (I tried to set it to different things like the source of one of the series or  the concatenation of the serie' sources or a list made of only the minimum and maximum values, etc... but it did not work)


Any help will be really appreciated,

Thanks a lot,