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contentPane on the fly dock or float


I am currently working on an application that requires me to create a functionality in which user should have a choice of selecting whether a new contentPane that opens up is floating or will be docked by default.

I have tried XamDockmanager's setInitialLocation, but in that case everytime I create a new contentPane it will be set to this propety's value, which i don't want.

Is there a way to implement that functionality?

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    I'm sorry but I don't understand the question. The SetInitialLocation is a property you would set on the root SplitPane that is added to the XamDockManager's Panes collection. That determines whether the SplitPane is FloatingOnly, FloatingDockable, DockedLeft, etc. and therefore where the SplitPane and all of its descendants are located. The end user may then drag a ContentPane somewhere else if they wish. If you want to provide the user the option then you would dynamically create a SplitPane with the appropriate InitialLocation and add your ContentPane to that.

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