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Does XamDataChart support ItemsSources that implement ITypedList?

I'd like to display data in a chart, where I do not know at compile time the name of the property that I need to bind my data series too.

I have a collection class that implements ITypedList and INotifyCollectionChanged. I've tried having it implement IList and IEnumerable and IBindingList. I've also tried making it a subclass of ObservableCollection, but no luck -- meaning, the chart never displays any data. It also never calls any of the ITypedList methods (by setting breakpoints in the debugger).

However, for one specific test case (where I do know the names of the x,y properties at compile time), I create a special "holder" class with these properties defined at compile time. In this case, the chart displays the data.

So, does XamDataChart honor ITypedList? Is there an example floating around? Or do you suspect I must be doing something wrong somewhere? THanks!