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grid and chart combined


I have used the grid control to group my data into various fields. However I need to extract the grouped data, in order to be able to project it in a chart or a heatMap.

I cannot figure out how to extract grouped data from the grid and pass it to the heatMap.

Any help wil be appreciated!


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    Hello Nishaath,

    You may want to consider using a CollectionViewSource.  The XamDataGrid doesn't actually change your underlying data into a grouped format so there isn't really anything you can pass to your heatmap.  You can, however, create a CollectionViewSource with GroupDescriptions that match the grouping used in the XamDataGrid.  You could then pass this to the heatmap.

    Here is an article on MSDN that shows you how to use CollectionViewSource.

    The article uses it with the MS DataGrid but the way CollectionViewSource is created and grouped does not depend on the control.

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