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Change Node Color schema based on a class value

Hi, I'm making some tests to see if I can use the XamTreeMap for one of my projects.

From what I've seen in the samples and the documentation, I have the possibility to ask the

control to change the color of a tile inside the tree based on the value displayed and this is a nice thing.

I've also seen that I can decide the color schema of the nodes for each node type (class) used.

Unfortunately I haven't found if there is a way to decide which color schema a tile have to use based on a property of said class.

I try to explain better.

I have a Class, named Company that is the first level node, the class have a value (Total) that is used as ValuePath in the node binder.

Company has an ItemsSourcePath (Amounts) that is a collection of Amount classes. Each amount class has a Node Binder that uses a field (Total) as valuepath.

The ValueMappers allow me to decide a color mapper for the Company class and a Color Mapper for the Amount class and this can be useful in some cases.

Unfortunately, my Amount classes are some of Type "INCOME" and some of type "OUTCOME" and it would be nice to paint the Income tiles in shades of Green based on the Total value and paint the Outcome tiles in shades of red/yellow based on the Total Value of the same.

After all this writing the question is:

can I set a different color schema for the tiles of a certain class based on the value assumed by a property in said class?

I hope I've been clear.


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