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AppMap : Printing the app architecture


I have two questions about AppMap:

1- After designing the app architecture (pages & relations), is it possible to print or to generate a PDF file of the app layout? That would be very useful for documentation and later programming task.

2- After the application is generated, is there any way to move back to AppMap to modify the app architecture? It would be useful to add new pages/relations when application are developed in phases or iterations.

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    1 - This is currently not possible, but a great idea.  You should add this suggestion to our Product Ideas website so we can track your request (

    2 - No.  The AppMap is a one-way code generation tool.  You can however add an AppMap to an existing project by right clicking your project and selecting to add a "New Item".  Find the Infragistics/ Xamarin.Form category in the File -> New dialog and select the AppMap item.  You can then create new views to be added to your project.