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Status: New
Implement templates for Scheduler control

I want to suggest the templating ability for the scheduler component.

We need to implement a scheduler with some different layouts, so, we need to:

  • Implement our own AgendaView template, because currently the component renderer just one fixed template (start/end appointment hour / bar color / appointment name / appointment location), but in our case, we need something more simple, just with the bar color and the appointment name;

  • Implement the scheduler navigation header template. Currently its just the  "month of year" (november of 2018 for example), but we need some options like:
    • Format this name (for example, MONTH / YEAR uppercase)
    • Ability to show/hide the navigation arrows;
    • Ability to position the arrows (currently it's just on the edges)
    • Insert some new element at the header. We need to insert a "Label" with command. This label, in our case, is "Today", so everytime users click at it, we'll navigate to today's current date.