• SharePlus: What’s New in Latest 3.5 Release


    Version 3.5 of SharePlus was released on September, 18th, 2012.  This version includes updates to PDF-related functionality.


    What’s New

    Adobe PDF software is the global standard for electronic document sharing and collaboration.  SharePlus has evolved to include increased functionality around PDF annotation.

    • PDF Annotation:PDF is a popular format because it preserves the integrity of a document…
    • Wed, Sep 19 2012
  • SharePoint Saturday Ozarks: Event Recap





    Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the SharePoint Saturday Ozarks event in Branson, Missouri.  There’s nothing like being in the Midwest at this time of year.   Mark Rackley did a wonderful job of organizing this event.  It was held at the amazing Chateau on Lake Resort.  This was without a doubt the most beautiful SharePoint Saturday venues I’ve seen.  Infragistics was a platinum sponsor.

    Many of…

    • Wed, Sep 12 2012
  • SharePlus: How to use Client-side Certificates



    This article will discuss how to use client-side certificates for authentication in SharePlus.  The article is aimed at those who will be administrating SharePlus within an enterprise.

    You may deploy your client-side certificates manually, or via an MDM server.  This article focuses on the manual approach.



    Step 1: Copy the client-side certificate to the iPad running SharePlus

    Connect your iPad and…

    • Mon, Jul 30 2012
  • SharePlus: Security White Paper

    The PDF version of this document has been attached to this article.


    SharePlus Enterprise provides secure access to SharePoint sites from mobile devices. Keeping enterprise data secure is the highest priority of SharePlus. To fortify enterprise data security, core security features have been built into the product at each layer.

    The following is a list of security features that are included in SharePlus Enterprise…

    • Fri, Jul 13 2012
  • SharePlus: How to Open a SharePoint Document in SharePlus by Scanning a QR Code

    The following video demonstrates a solution that allows an iPad user to open a SharePoint document in SharePlus by scanning a QR Code. 

    Using this technique, you may use a QR Code to trigger SharePlus to open SharePoint items such as:

    • Documents
    • Lists
    • Tasks


    How to accomplish common SharePoint tasks on an iPad using SharePlus


    To create a QR Code for your documents, simply replace the…

    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • SharePlus 3.2 : What’s New!

    At Infragistics, customer focus is deeply ingrained in our culture.  Our continuous dialog with SharePlus users has generated countless feature requests.  We’ve decided to craft SharePlus releases in a theme-based manner.  Each release will focus on a group of related features, or theme.  While features that may not fit into the given theme will still be introduced based on priority, the majority of features will be…

    • Fri, Jun 22 2012
  • SharePlus: Working with SharePoint Metadata

    Having a clearly defined metadata strategy is essential to a successful SharePoint implementation.  Metadata enables search.  And, as with any type of content, SharePoint content is only useful when it can be found.

    SharePlus works seamlessly with SharePoint metadata to create a truly integrated and rich SharePoint experience on a mobile device.

    The following is an example of how a mobile SharePoint user can add and modify…

    • Wed, May 9 2012
  • SharePlus: Enterprise Configuration Overview


    SharePlus Enterprise delivers rich configuration functionality using a simple approach.  Adjusting SharePlus settings such as turning features on or off is as easy as editing a text file.  This article provides an overview of the SharePlus configuration architecture.


    Config Diagram

    Configuration Architecture

    SharePlus Enterprise can read settings from two sources:

    • Local Configuration File - Configuration file…
    • Tue, May 1 2012
  • SharePlus: How to Hide Lists

    Please note: This post applies to the Enterprise version of SharePlus.

    If a business rule mandates certain SharePoint lists to be excluded from mobile access, you may use the SharePoint MobileNavigation settings to hide them.  The example below illustrates how this is done.


    Hiding a List

    In this example, we will hide a SharePoint List named “SharePlus Videos” by  adjusting the server-side MobileNavigation…

    • Mon, Apr 30 2012
  • SharePlus: Review multiple documents using the new Tabbed Document View




    The Tabbed Document View feature was recently introduced in SharePlus 3.0.  This view makes it easy to review multiple documents simultaneously.  You may use the tabs at the top of the documents to switch between documents.

    The following steps illustrate how to use this feature:

    1. In SharePlus, navigate to a document list.  I this case, we are using using the local files list.  Tap the “Edit” button located at the…
    • Sat, Apr 28 2012
  • SharePlus: Harness the Power of SharePoint Search on the Go!


    As SharePoint continues to be one of Microsoft’s fastest growing platforms, it’s quickly becoming the de facto choice for document management across the enterprise. The ability to efficiently search for information has become essential as site and folder structures continually grow.  Microsoft has responded to this need by providing a powerful SharePoint desktop search mechanism.  Mobile usage of SharePoint…

    • Wed, Apr 25 2012
  • Windows Phone 7 Sample App : Hello World - OData

    I am posting source code for a Hello World app that browses NetFlix movies.  This small app should help get you up and running with the following:

    • Using OData to provide your app with rich data
    • Using custom Data Visualization controls such as xamRating.
    • Fri, Mar 23 2012
  • Introduction to the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern – Part 2



    This post is a continuation of Introduction to the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern – Part 1


    Adding Commanding to our Demo Application

    We are now going to take a closer look at the mechanisms used to load and save customer information.  Currently, to accomplish this functionality, we are invoking methods from the View Model via button click events in the View. 








    We will now remove this code…

    • Tue, Mar 6 2012
  • Introduction to the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern – Part 1


    The purpose of this article is to provide a clear and practical understanding of the MVVM pattern in a concise manner.  This will be accomplished by walking through a simple WPF MVVM application in two parts.  Part one will focus on MVVM basics.  Part two will add Commanding to the application.

    MVVM Demo 

    Intended Audience

    • Developers getting started with the MVVM pattern
    • MVVM veterans looking to introduce the…
    • Mon, Feb 20 2012
  • Enrich your Mobile SharePoint Experience with SharePlus

    Have you tried to use SharePoint via a mobile device?  If so, you've certainly faced challenges even with simple tasks such as editing a document.  I'd like to introduce you to a great solution - SharePlus.  

    SharePlus is the industry leading cross-platform mobile app choice for enabling secure SharePoint productivity.  In this brief video demo, I’ll show you how to accomplish the following common SharePoint tasks…

    • Thu, Feb 9 2012