SharePlus: What’s New in Latest 3.5 Release

Anand Raja / Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Version 3.5 of SharePlus was released on September, 18th, 2012.  This version includes updates to PDF-related functionality.


What’s New

Adobe PDF software is the global standard for electronic document sharing and collaboration.  SharePlus has evolved to include increased functionality around PDF annotation.

  • PDF Annotation:PDF is a popular format because it preserves the integrity of a document through review and sharing processes. The downside of this benefit is that making comments or changes to a document can be a challenge (depending on the version you’re using).  SharePlus 3.5 has a suite of annotation tools to help users collaborate and treat PDFs as working documents.
    • Save as Draft Command: While working mobile, users can save changes locally without updating the server version.  Annotations can be made without switching apps.
    • In-App Link Navigation: Links contained in PDF documents can link out to SharePoint without ever leaving the app.
    • Support for PDF Packages: Bundle singular PDF documents together into one master package.
  • PDF Navigation: Page Selector and Thumbnail views make the PDF viewing experience more compatible with the desktop experience.




Consumer Value

Providing PDF Annotation provides our customers with exceptional value.  In the past, SharePlus users would have needed to purchase a separate tool to perform PDF annotation.  Separate annotation tools such as iAnnotate cost $9.99 per user. 

In addition to the substantial cost savings,  enterprises benefit by eliminating the need to deploy, support and train employees on additional tools.