A Comparison Between the Microsoft SharePoint Mobile App and Infragistics SharePlus: Powerful Functionality

Sarah Roman / Wednesday, July 11, 2018

For a mobile app to be successfully adopted, it must have the necessary functionality to drive mobile team productivity.  Centralized management capabilities also come into play in determining if a mobile app is enterprise ready and can be easily deployed across the organization. This article in our SharePlus vs SharePoint comparison series explores additional core functionality that can make or break successful app adoption and deployment. 

Integration with Leading File Providers 

SharePoint for iOS App Review: “You can't connect any other services like Google Drive or Dropbox.” 

SharePoint's homogenous environment relegates the user to a cloud-based experience with OneDrive only. While this is helpful if your business already runs with SharePoint or OneDrive, this becomes difficult for those who are looking to adopt a mobile solution but have a different file-hosting sites. These businesses would need to migrate their data from their original file-hosting sites.  

SharePlus has been designed with openness in mind and works seamlessly with all leading file-hosting sites and popular mobile device management systems - including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.  This gives companies and mobile teams the freedom and flexibility to access and work with content no matter where it lives 

Automated Offline Sync

SharePoint for iOS App Review: 

 "...The apps on other eco systems have more functionality." 

Mobile teams don't always know ahead of time if they’ll be in an offline environment let alone what specific files they will need to access while offline. Having an Enterprise-ready solution means ensuring that the solution anywhere and anytime access to a mobile team’s important data. 

The SharePoint mobile application requires teams to know in advance what files they would need to access prior to going out into the field, and then requires end users to proactively download files one at a time while they are online and connected. This is a lot to ask of mobile teams and inevitably leads to the inability to access content to make the sale, solve a customer issue, or keep work flowing in the field.     

SharePlus enables administrators to centrally batch download and automatically sync files for mobile teams. This takes all of the end user guesswork out of what files they will need and there is no need for mobile teams to think about this ahead of time. The latest version is just always there for mobile teams to access and do their jobs. 

Enabling Data Driven Teams 

A key to transforming mobile teams and drive competitive advantage is to enable them to make better decisions on the spot.  SharePlus empowers mobile workers create and share data visualizations right within the app to help them gain insights and better analyze the data they have at hand.  Using data to make better decisions can resolve customer issues in the moment and can dramatically increase customer response times.    

One App to Manage 

What also makes an app enterprise ready is the ability to centrally manage and deploy it. SharePlus comes with a single administration tool to centrally provision users, enable quick mobile solution configuration.  IT administrators can quickly and easily create and deploy custom mobile workspaces without code using mobile workspace templates. SharePlus also integrates with leading MDM providers, including Airwatch, MobileIron, and Citrix to ensure secure data access and to reduce deployment risk. 

Compare for Yourself 

If you'd like to see SharePlus file integration, data visualizations, and management capabilities in action, be sure to head over to our demo for SharePlus where you can learn more. You can also explore the how important a simple UX and curated content experience is mobile teams as well as how choosing the right mobile app can drive business transformation in our other SharePlus vs SharePoint comparison series blogs.