A Comparison Between the Microsoft SharePoint Mobile App and Infragistics SharePlus: Transformational

Sarah Roman / Wednesday, June 27, 2018

This article in our Sharelus vs SharePoint comparison series explores the driving force behind a transformational enterprise mobility solution. mobility solution that harnesses the power of data and capture and sharing are the keys to streamlining your daily operations. Let's compare the transformational capabilities of the two apps.

Transformational: Capturing and Sharing Data On-the-Go 

SharePoint for iOS App Review: “Forget trying to upload event photos straight from your phone, because whenever the app tries to open your camera roll, it just exits out of the sub site you had to use 5 whole minutes to find…It is incredibly frustrating if you want to edit, upload, create a new file or anything else.” 

True competitive advantages are gained by enabling mobile teams to collect and share data while in the field. Construction site managers, for example, can electronically submit project checklists and document jobsite progress along with posted photos. Drivers working for transportation and distribution companies can capture inventory status complete with photos, timestamp, all GPS data from the road, and then instantly send this information back to the office. Field sales reps can also capture customer data to resolve customer issues to make the sale at customer locations. 

The SharePoint mobile app cannot provide this transformational functionality.  It displays only the default view and does not support any of the SharePoint views or meta data that have been created for curating content or capturing data into SharePoint lists. Any investment in view or list creation can’t be leveraged on mobile devices because of this limitation, and it is impossible for mobile users to capture and to share data from the field when offline.   

SharePlus enables mobile teams to use native views to capture data into SharePoint lists and instantly share it with the main office. This onsite data collection and sharing capability is available with or without network connectivity. The SharePlus app also perfectly integrates with the mobile device’s unique features, including the GPS tracker and camera. This allows users to post and to share photos and GPS information along with the collected data to keep their projects moving on time and on budget. SharePlus customized mobile workspaces also provide mobile teams with one tap access to the documents and list items to dramatically simplify mobile user navigation to data entry screens. 

Ideally, your mobile solution is one that also functions as a light data solution. You'll want quick, efficient access to your most important files at the right moments. When strong data share and capture go hand-in-hand with navigational ease and other powerful functionalities, the mobile solution will greatly increase workflow and productivity. If you'd like to experience the data capture, make sure to download the SharePlus demo for yourself and see how powerful it can be. You can also explore how important navigational ease and powerful functionality is to choosing the right mobility app for your teams, as covered in our other articles in our SharePlus vs SharePoint comparison series.